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The EAWA campaigns for the preservation, restoration and good management of all inland and tidal waterways in East Anglia.

The Association is a Registered Charity (No. 251382) and was first established in 1958.

The Easterling - Journal of the EAWA
       JUNE 2017
        Vol. 9, No. 18

The latest issue of the association's journal has just been published with news and pictures of our waterways and interesting feature articles.

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EA Proposed Sale of Moorings at Ely - Is it lawful?

The Environment Agency, as navigation authority for the river Great Ouse, has placed on the market three sections of riverbank at Ely, Cambridgeshire, currently used by businesses providing vital services to boaters and other recreational users.
EAWA strongly opposes any such sale and believes that given the EA's statutory obligations under the Anglian Water Authority Act 1977 to promote recreational use of our waterways it may be unlawful.  We have written to the EA and the Secretary of State for DEFRA expressing our concerns in detail.


The Enviroment Agency has issued a Customer Consultation document on its proposals to increase boat registration charges for 2018/19.  It sets out the Agency's case, not only for the need to increase revenue but also controversially to vary the increase across the regions.  An increase of 7.5% is proposed for Anglian Waterways but the Thames region's increase is 5.7%.

East Anglian Waterways Association does not accept the EA's case, either for any increase in charges above the rate of inflation or the rationale for unfair regional variations.

Read the EA Anglian region consultation paper HERE

and the full EAWA response HERE

In summary, EAWA considers that:
  • There is no justification for any increase above CPI.
  • Unfair regional variations are completely unacceptable.
  • The EA must meet its Statutory obligations in full and can increase revenue by encouraging greater use of our waterways.
  • There is a huge potential in this region to save costs by properly harnessing the goodwill, expertise and enthusiasm of volunteers as is done so successfully elsewhere on the  national  waterways.
 August 2017

Hartford Marina Lodges NOT 'vessels' say High Court Judges
The Environment Agency's appeal to the High Court against a decision by Peterborough Crown Court to quash convictions of two owners of static floating lodges for failure to register their homes as vessels has been dismissed.
The three senior judges were unanimous in their opinion that the homes were not vessels for the purposes of the EA (Inland Waterways) Order 2010.  They rejected most of the arguments advanced by the EA's Counsel, Mr David Perry QC and found that the lodges were constructed and used as homes on water and not to "carry" people or things or to be "propelled or moved" across the water. On a realistic view of the facts they are not "vessels" for the purposes of the Order.

Read the full 42-page High Court Judgment HERE
15th April 2016

Review of Environment Agency navigations

A statement from EA and CaRT issued 19th February 2016

The Environment Agency (EA) and Canal & River Trust (the Trust) have established a joint working group to explore different options for running the 620 miles of EA-managed river navigations.  It still remains the Government’s ambition to transfer the EA’s responsibility for navigation of the rivers to the Trust, subject to affordability and approval by the Trust’s Board and the Minister.  This will help realise the benefits of a sustainable navigation and give the public greater involvement in the running of the waterways.
The working group is at a very early, information gathering stage, and no decisions have yet been made on the details of a potential move.
The working group will begin with an information and data gathering exercise looking at all of the EA’s navigations, including: the non-tidal River Thames; the River Wye; the upper Medway; the East Anglian navigations and Rye Harbour.
As the project moves forward the working group will investigate the various potential options required for such a complex move and will be seeking to understand your views and aspirations as well as those of other stakeholders.
The EA, the Trust and Defra are committed to finding a sustainable future for the EA’s river navigations and to working with the communities who use them.

Project Hereward
- Technical Progress and a Funding Boost - READ MORE

Our Mission

The EAWA believes in "Waterways for All" - promoting access to our navigations for the community - whether walkers, nature lovers, anglers, canoeists, boaters or gongoozlers.  We work with and support many local societies, trusts and other user bodies throughout East Anglia.

We publish a regular newsletter - 'The Easterling' - bringing together information on the waterways of our area.   Want to read the latest issue?  Just CLICK HERE

EAWA arranges work-parties for waterway restoration, improvement and maintenance and offers advice, support and funding to local organisations with similar aims.
East Anglian Waterways Association and Peterborough IWA
have joined forces in PROJECT HEREWARD to re-open
the Forty Foot between the Middle Level and Great Ouse
system via  Horseway and Welches Dam as a

 The Project Hereward team now meets every month to develop the programme of action to meet its aims.

Watch the new PROJECT HEREWARD presentation here

Good News from the Little Ouse

Progress on Thetford Council's exciting new bid to bring boats back into the town centre

Thetford Town Council has now agreed a sum of 15,000 (max) towards the feasibility study and also been invited by the neighbouring Breckland District Council to apply for 20,000 matched grant funding. Breckland is in turn negotiating with Forest Heath District Council seeking added support.  EAWA welcomes this initiative. Re-opening the Little Ouse navigation will bring economic and other benefits to a wider area of West Norfolk.
Tina Cunnell, leading the project for Thetford TC, is working  on the Water Space Study and will discuss with the Environment Agency integration into the wider regional strategy.

Full news of the Town Council's Plans and other background information  ...   Click here

 The Present
  • Supporting the work of the North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust, established by the EAWA, to restore the navigation and improve the waterway for all, in co-operation with the canal owners.
  • Working with partners to support the Fens Waterways Link, a long-term project to join and extend the Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire waterways for navigation.
  • Working with IWA Peterborough on Project Hereward to re-open the Old Bedford/Forty Foot southern link of the Middle Level and Great Ouse systems.
  • Supporting the Sleaford Trust, working to reopen the upper part of the navigation within the town.
  • Supporting the River Gipping Trust in its aim to preserve the historic heritage of the Stowmarket Navigation.
  • Working closely with the Nene Waterway Task Group and the Great Ouse Boating Association and campaigning for improved management of these rivers.
  • Working with the Broads Authority and other bodies interested in the Norfolk Broads.
  • Making our East Anglian Waterways better known by arranging trips or activities, such as in conjunction with our AGM.

Recent work parties organised by the Trust have made great progress in the section above Ebridge Lock, particularly around Bacton Wood and Pigneys Wood.   Our picture shows the volunteers clearing weed from the mouth of Ebridge Lock in August 2015.  The Trust always welcomes new volunteers and full details can be found on our WORK PARTY page or on the NW&DC TRUST website or by calling  01603 738648.

Picture: Kevin Thomas / Alan Bertram

The River Blyth Navigation - a future restoration project?
This little known Suffolk waterway running for 10-miles from Halesworth to the sea at Southwold was once an important navigation. There were originally five locks in total in the 4 mile non-tidal stretch from Halesworth down to Blyford.
A half-mile section in Halesworth, registered as a 'village green' is being cared for by volunteers.  The HALESWORTH NEW REACH TRAIL is an interesting walk of about a mile following the old navigation channel from the Town Quay to Halesworth Lock.

Download the informative HALESWORTH NEW REACH TRAIL guide.

More information at:   www.millenniumgreen.halesworth.net

  The Future

  • EAWA will be involved with numerous small projects around the waterways of East Anglia - opening access to all.
  • We will continue to support and assist the North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust to further the outstanding progress it has made in restoring this waterway.
  • We will campaign for the reopening of the Little Ouse from Brandon to Thetford and offer support to Thetford Town Council with its new plans.
  • We will support the proposed Milton Keynes to Bedford Canal link to the Great Ouse.
  • We will support a better link between Kings Lynn and the Inland Waterways Network.

The Association's 45th Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 19th April at South Kyme beside the River Slea.

A conducted tour of the improved Sleaford Navigation preceded an excellent lunch at The Hume Arms. 

Then it was on to the formal business of the day followed by a presentation on the work of the Slea Navigation Trust.

Full details in the June issue of 'The Easterling'.

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   The Past

Since its formation in 1958, the EAWA can count some notable successes where we have worked hand-in-hand with other organisations:
  • The reopening of Well Creek
  • The dredging of the Old West River in the mid 1960s.
  • The restoration of Welches Dam Lock
  • Lock lengthening on the Middle Level navigation
  • Donations to the Sleaford Navigation Trust to purchase part of the navigation
  • Donations to Peterborough IWA to help raise Ramsey Hollow Bridge on the Forty Foot River.
  • The restoration of Tyler's Cut (Dilham Dyke)
ast Anglian Waterways Association
has worked for over 50-years
to protect and improve

the region's waterways.

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The Complete Anglian Waterways Navigation Guide Suite has arrived!

Paul Separovic, the Anglian Waterways Development Recreation Officer - Central Area (River Great Ouse) has recently announced that the completed Navigation Guides Suite is now finished and is available in hard paper format and electronic versions.
The complete suite consists of the following publications:
  • 'Enjoying Safer Boating, Staying Safe on Anglian Waterways, Safety Guide'
  • 'Boating the right way, Recreational Byelaws, Anglian Waterways'
  • 'The River Ancholme, a guide for river users'
  • 'The Rivers Welland and Glen, a guide for river users'
  • 'The River Nene, a guide for river users'
  • 'The River Great Ouse, a guide for river users'
  • 'The River Stour , a guide for users of the navigation'
Fens Waterways - There is a brochure request option on this page, otherwise please write to;

Waterways Team,
Environment Agency,
Kingfisher House,
Goldhay Way,
Orton Goldhay,
PE2 5ZR.

Although available online - and useful for browsing or for a screen shot - the best print can only be obtained by sending for an original.
Ivan Cane

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The East Anglian Waterways Association is a believer in "Waterways for All" - promoting access to our navigations for the community - whether walkers, nature lovers, anglers, canoeists, boaters or gongoozlers.  We work with and support many local societies, trusts and other user bodies in the area  -  Please visit our LINKS page for more information.
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